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Steve Anderson will be going to greener pastures on the coast at the end of October, so the position will be open.
  • 30 hours per week
  • Process recyclables
  • Supervise volunteers
  • Handle sales transactions
  • Have valid driver’s license
  • Operate and maintain truck, trailer, baler, forklift
  • Starts at $12/hr
  • We're a DOE Equal Opportunity Employer
  • email Resume to

GO Recycle will again provide services at the Fall Okanogan Family Faire
which runs Friday to Sunday,
October 19-21

GO needs VOLUNTEERS from about Saturday the 20th to Tuesday the 23rd for faire recycling collection and after-faire sorting, mooping and cleanup.

8 hours of work with GO Recycle at the faire site gets you a weekend pass.

Drop by Green Okanogan at 3 Rodeo Road, Tonasket and get onto the schedule sheet; or email us if you aren't in town

Did you see GO got a facelift ? We spruced up the place at 3 Rodeo Road on September 5th with a new coat of clean, bright, white paint on the building exterior. Our rockstar volunteer board and GO operations manager Steve all showed up, along with Sunny Lannigan, and they got it done, so BIG THANKS from the rest of us recyclers.

(Have a peek here on our Facebook page if you haven't been by yet.)

GO Tidbits...

We’ve been keepin’ on keepin’ on at GO without anything major to report…the June Membership Drive went well (never too late to renew or join if you haven’t).… we’re selling the GO logo tote bags that were a freebie with June membership (and t-shirts—we have GO tees for sale in the office, not online)…and we’re all enjoying driving and moving big containers on the smooth concrete in the yard after all it took to get that project done…

small repairs come up—brake wiring on the truck was fixed, and it needs new batteries…a valve on a frost free water pipe needs to be replaced… we could use another pallet jack…and the Annex needs organizing if anyone has time…

the GO Again Thrift Store continues to do well, helping us make our mortgage and shoppers to find deals to help their budget.

We provided recycling bins at the Garlic Festival in History Park and the Fire Camp on Rodeo Rd in August...fixed a stuck lock on the the Dinner Table Foundation's "Harvest Node" refrigerator unit that is used to store produce for food bank programs and has been living behind the GO office since April…. See a few pics here.

Here's a link to our ever popular pics from our event in April, where the crowd was treated to passion in recycled fashion as 21 models, age 4 to 95, strutted their stuff on the C-C-C-Catwalk.  See photos on our Facebook page

Ooh-- and please remember to take home anything you might accidentally bring that does not recycle when you visit GO Recycling—we don’t provide trash service. You can always see/download/print the list at our website under the Recycling link.
We hope to see you soon!
this page updated September 24, 2018
As of September 2018, Green Okanogan has diverted 650,155 pounds (or 325 tons) of material from local landfills and burn piles, and has taken them to be made into useful products since opening for regular hours at our current location in July 2015.. (see more)

GO Recycle & GO Again Thrift Store
are located at 3 Rodeo Road
just south of Tonasket
off Hwy 97, at Clarkson Mill Rd

Office Phone: phone (509) 486-0674

Email Us at

Write to us at:
Green Okanogan
P.O. Box 604
Tonasket, WA 98855

Year-Round Hours:
10 am - 4 pm
and Saturdays

Thank you for your continued support.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

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