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Save the Date for
April 20th at the CCC

Our third fashion-made-from-trash show, so we guess it's an annual event now, huh? More details coming, but we want to give people time to get their haute re-couture ready.
See photos on our Facebook page

  • Trashion fashions must be made from at least 75% already used materials that would otherwise be thrown away or recycled
  • Materials include cardboard, steel/tin, recycled fabric or clothing, aluminum, plastics, paper cartons, chipboard, newspaper, mixed papers (magazines, junk mail, and catalogs), paper bags, and glass
  • Vintage or used clothing will _not_ be accepted, unless it has been significantly repurposed and redesigned into something substantially ‘new’
  • Footwear, jewelry, purses, and other accessories may be used to enhance the overall costume
  • Trashion Design Teams may have 1 to 4 people
  • Models will be one or more of a Design Team’s members
CREDITS & DESCRIPTIONS to be read while models are on stage. For each outfit, Design Teams will submit
  • the names of the designer(s) and model at the top of the page
  • followed by the materials used in the outfit (“Sandy’s vest is made from magazine paper with bottle caps buttons”-- or get specific “from National Geographic magazines “ or “various organic seed catalogs” )
  • and may also include any noteworthy techniques used (“braided newspaper strips” or “crocheted plastic grocery bags”)
  • as well as environmental facts, if desired (i.e., Angie’s dress is made of 138 sheets of paper. In the U.S., we throw away 4.5 million tons of office paper each year)
  • Credits & Descriptions should not be longer than the time it will take to walk out, model the outfit, and walk back
Email --attn:Trashion--if you would like to strut this year's catwalk!

You Can Be A Climate Hero
Citizens Climate Lobby's Steve Gahn and John Sandvig present A Workshop in 3 Hours, at the CCC, 411 Western Ave., Tonasket
Sunday, February 3rd, 1 - 4pm
Learn to build political will to stop climate change. GO will have a table with t-shirts for sale, and will be available to answer any questions about local recycling.

Hoping to Win $2000
Positive Payload Grant

GO has applied for a charitable award from AmericanTrucks, who will pick their next winner on January 31st--so fingers crossed, everybody!

"AmericanTrucks recognizes that pickups are the backbone of the American workforce, from job sites to disaster relief and everything in between, which is why we’re proud to launch the Positive Payload Program... designed to benefit non-profit charitable organizations who use and rely on pickup trucks to better their community."

Sure sounds like our hard working Dodge Ram! Last April we posted on Facebook how our newly acquired 2001 pickup made all the difference in moving large quantities of recyclables in a safe and efficient manner. Being able to reliably haul more at one time, and with with less fuel, has made all the difference in GO breaking even while keeping over 345 tons out of our local landfill.

See more on the Positive Payload Program at www.americantrucks.com/positive-payload

And maybe click there and apply for another truck-using non-profit org--we're not sure how they pick winners (merit based or out of a hat) but even if another org wins and says they learned of the program on GO, we'd get $200. So, RECYCLE THE LOVE, people, recycle the love :-)

We keep making improvements at 3 Rodeo Rd and recycling keeps us busy, but the thrift shop side of things (where you can get some great deals) really helps pays our mortgage as the price earned by most recyclables stays low.  We bundle and time our loads so we at least break even (cost of gas vs the fluctuating income.)  We're not complaining--we want to keep it out of a landfill!  But if you ever wonder why we don't pay for aluminum cans or why we ask for donations, that's why--it can be expensive to do the right thing.  

The materials we accept hasn't changed since last spring. Many ask, but we still can NOT recycle glass. Sorry, but you might take it to Methow Recycles in Twisp, or the Osoyoos Landfill north of the border in BC.

AS ALWAYS, we look forward to seeing you.  Please bring only recyclables and thrift donations we can accept which are clean (no wet, moldy, or mousie poopie thingies, please'n'thankyou :-) 

Happy 2019 from Green Okanogan
Remember, it's cool to have a new year--but everything else should be re-used or recycled.  
this page updated January 15, 2018
As of September 2018, Green Okanogan has diverted 650,155 pounds (or 325 tons) of material from local landfills and burn piles, and has taken them to be made into useful products since opening for regular hours at our current location in July 2015.. (see more)

GO Recycle & GO Again Thrift Store
are located at 3 Rodeo Road
just south of Tonasket
off Hwy 97, at Clarkson Mill Rd

Office Phone: phone (509) 486-0674

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Thank you for your continued support.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

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