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GO will operate on regular schedule during Hanukkah, December 2-10, and will be CLOSED on Tuesday, December 25 and Tuesday, January 1st

It's Tax Deductible

2018 has been a great year at GO. Thanks to last year’s fundraiser, our newer truck and trailer have doubled our hauling capacity, while saving gas; the center is cleaner and more organized; the baler and forklift are working flawlessly; and our volume of recyclables is UP-- though prices are down due to world wide pricing beyond our control. We still need your assistance. Remember your donations are tax deductible.

We have filled the position with long-time Tonasket resident Jim (Jimbo) McKinney.  Be sure to stop and say hello to him next time you are in GO Recycle or The GO Again Thrift Shop. :-)  And we need Jimbo because GO's Steve has gone and moved.

Which brings us to 
TWO GOODBYES, actually.
It is with heartfelt gratitude we say our farewells to Steve Anderson and *Tom Cloud. 

Steve joined our team 1 1/2 years ago and was instrumental in getting things running smoothly and efficiently at GO Recycle. He also did a lot to spruce the place up, as you may have noticed.  We wish Steve all the best as he makes his way to the west side to begin the next chapter of his life. 

And, boy, it's hard to let Tom resign from his position as treasurer of Green Okanogan, as he has been such an asset to our organization.  We depended on Tom to always keep the financials straight when dealing with complicated processes including grants, loans, auctions, store sales, product sales and donations. But Tom had the expertise and the drive to make GO a reality, and was with us from the start of our endeavor to secure the property at 3 Rodeo Rd.  We could not have done it without him. 

We wish Tom the very best in his 'retirement' and thank him for his service.  And we're also grateful to Sarah Gelineau for taking on the role of treasurer and for Peggy Tofte volunteering to assist. 

Sunday, December 16
begins at 1pm 
at the CCC, 411 Western Ave

It will be a low key meeting this time, without a movie event (but there will be snacks!)  We'll be looking to vote in a new board member.  If you're interested you might talk to one of our current directors between now and the meeting.  They are (alphabetically) Doug Bovard, Phil Christy, Tom Cloud*, Mariah Cornwoman, Janet Culp, Sarah Gelineaiu, Marcy Hunt, Carol Lanigan,  and Susie Shaddox.

Recycling keeps us busy, and the GO Again store continues to get donations and sell good deals.  These days the thrift shop side of things really helps pays our mortgage as the price earned by most recyclables declines.  We bundle and time our loads so we at least break even (cost of gas vs the fluctuating income from a heavy stuff.)  We're not complaining--we want to keep it out of a landfill!  But if you ever wonder why we don't pay for aluminum cans or why we ask for donations, that's why--it can be expensive to do the right thing.  Payment for the services volunteers provide at the Spring and Fall Faires also keeps GO going. 

GO continues to tidy, repair, and improve our 3 Rodeo Road home, just not in grand ways that make for news.  We have some small insulation and waterproofing spots that need attention from past large efforts, and a few concrete bits are slated for filling in the future when it's warmer...a window here, a heater there...probably getting the pellet stove repaired is the biggest item on our current list. 

AS ALWAYS, we look forward to seeing you.  Please remember to bring only recyclables and thrift donations we can accept which are clean (no wet, moldy, or mousie poopie thingies, please'n'thankyou :-) 
this page updated December 5, 2018
As of September 2018, Green Okanogan has diverted 650,155 pounds (or 325 tons) of material from local landfills and burn piles, and has taken them to be made into useful products since opening for regular hours at our current location in July 2015.. (see more)

GO Recycle & GO Again Thrift Store
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