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Trashion Fashion At Its Finest
What a fun time we had celebrating Earth Day with all who attended our 3rd Annual Trashion Show on April 20th. The CCC's back room was filled, the run-way lit up, the music played, and our wonderful models took to the stage--all in the name of our wonderful Earth and Green Okanogan. Early reports tallied $3280 to go into our operations fund to help GO Recycle meet its expenses.

We had 18 models this year and they really pulled out all the stops. Putting together high fashion from lowly materials takes time, energy, and so much creativity! If there was a trashion museum for these wonderful get ups they’d all deserve to be in it for sure.

The winners this year are:
Most Creative: Chelsea Freeman
Most Recycled: Maya and Amber Eppel
Most Heart: Linda Augier (or was that Marie Antoinette? ;-)

Our other models were Abby Steinshouer, Avy Blue Legs, Eden Xochitl Edenso, Izzy Steinshouer, Jen Steinshouer, Kate Thompson, Kathy Swedberg, Laura Greenwood, Lila Blue and Grace Fifield, Madeleine Ashmore, Melissa Herrick, Sabrina Sofia, and Vicki Lewis.

Elysia Stanford did an amazing job as stage manager. Photos by Julie Vanderwal (Check out the pics on our Facebook Page)

Of course we couldn’t have done any of this without our wonderful volunteer GO Board of Directors, and all of the community members who stepped up to make this a great event.

Thanks to the nephews for helping with set up: Jubal Miller, Rueben Miller, Jim McKinney and Tillman Stanford; as well as Linda Augier and Vicki Lewis.

Thanks to the cooks for the amazing meal: Peggy Tofte, Pam Gibbons, Lee Nelson, Tanya Peyton, and Julia Sanderson

Thanks to the dish washers: Barb Milner, Lesa Sevin, Bernadette and Khemo Neal (and the wonderful new CCC dishwasher )

Thanks to Tom Cloud for helping with the finances.
The Sound Crew: Quill Hyde and Jesse Batdorf
The Auction Crew: Victoria Jones, Susie Shaddox and Janet Culp
And of course the Clean up Crew: Mikkel Gredvig and Pasquale

So much of the food was donated by our local groceries--please support them. Tonasket Natural Foods Coop, Grants Market, Beyers Market, Michael Simon and Rain Tree Farms

-- we thank you all for your support of Trashion 2019 <3

this page updated April 28, 2019

Green Okanogan News
Many thanks to Doug Bovard for his service on the Board of Directors of Green Okanogan. Many of you have seen Doug at the recycling center; he has been a big part of our success since opening at 3 Rodeo Road. Thank you, Doug, for your service! That leaves TWO BOARD SEATS to be filled. If you are interested in helping GO Recycle, and have time to devote to an active organization, please let us know -- or attend a board meeting the second Tuesday of each month at 4pm. We’d love to enjoy your company.

Recycling News
Unfortunately, the market for recyclables remains dim. Where we once received $185 a ton for cardboard, we are now receiving $30 a ton and have to do the hauling ourselves since it is too expensive for us to hire a trucker . That certainly puts a crunch on the budget. China is no longer accepting most recyclables from around the world, and so the US has a large supply of product and not enough plants to deal with it. We are happy that our product is not going to the landfill but coming back to our area as fruit boxes and trays and padding, BUT it is hard to make recycling pay for itself. So please remember to become a member or leave a donation when you recycle. We need to pay the bills. Oh and those pesky, plastic water bottles. They bring in 0 dollars!!!! Yes, zero. Get a reusable water bottle!

Operations manager Jim McKinney has moved on, and in light of the current markets we have decided not to hire at this time. Phil and Sandy (our trusty volunteers) are doing an amazing job of keeping up with the baling and hauling of product, and they are so appreciated. We could not do this without their help. You will see them at the recycling center just about every day we are open and sometimes on Wednesdays, they are hauling product. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Farmer’s Market
Look for us at the Tonasket Farmer’s Market this year. We will have a booth there with info about waste and recycling and have beautiful reusable bags for sale(pictured above, selling for just $4.) The Market opens May 9 from 2-6 pm. Stop by and visit and learn some incredible facts about TRASH.

Barter Faire
Spring Barter Fair is May 17-19 this year. Once again, Green Okanogan will handle the recycling services at the Faire. Can you help us? We need help during and after the faire with pick up, sorting and clean up. We will have a MOOP Party (picking up Matter Out Of Place) on Tuesday, May 21 starting at 10am.

8 hours of work will get you a free weekend pass to the barter faire. Call GO at 486-0674 or email info@greenokanogan.org if you would like to help. Or call Carol at 509-556-2250 to volunteer for the MOOP Party.  
As of December 2018, Green Okanogan diverted 799,243 pounds (or 399.6215 tons) of material from local landfills and burn piles, taking it all to be made into useful products, since opening for regular hours in July 2015. (see more)

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