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Help Keep GO Going

GO Recycle has been up and running 3 days every week since July 2015, recycling 245 TONS of material in that time. We created a "Property Fund" to earmark donations for the down payment to purchase 3 Rodeo Road in November 2016; that same fund helped us upgrade the electrical system and make major repairs to the baler, the forklift, and to winterize the facility in 2017.

In January of 2018 we changed the donation focus to an "Equipment Fund" in order to fundraise specifically for a badly needed new truck. Recyclables have to get from us to buyers in Wenatchee or Spokane. By early April generous donors helped us to buy a pre-owned Dodge Ram 3500 which reduces transportation costs to a little over 1/4 of what it was. Phew! we were barely breaking even before. (see more on the truck)

We're doing well--and we still have ongoing bills and payments that aren't always covered yet by membership dues and the sale of recyclables. There is a list of smaller-- but all necessary-- things, such as paint and lighting (which are next on the agenda.)

Please contribute to our Operation & Improvement Fund today. Generous member and community support, grants, and a mortgage have made GO Recycle and the GO Again building supply thrift store a reality; and your continued support will allow us to GO even further in serving North Okanogan County.

Donate with a check or money order using this form


Another simple way to help out is the Amazon Smile program where Amazon donates .5% of items purchased to non-profits--like Green Okanogan. It is simple to use. Just add "smile dot" before "amazon dot com" and pick Green Okanogan as your designated charity.

It's exactly the same as shopping regular Amazon (the prices are the same, if you have an account you sign in the same and have all your history there) but Amazon kicks in half-of-one-percent of the bill. Maybe not a fortune, but if you're shopping there anyway, why not have some of A's profits go to GO? Tell your family and friends outside the area, too! send them to

Even easier than remembering to add "smile" to the address--try these browser extension that automatically change any amazon URL you might click to "" There's Smile Redirect for Firefox users and Smile Always extension for Chrome

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