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Help GO Get A Newer Truck

GO Recycle has been up and running 3 days every week since July 2015; we purchased the 3 Rodeo Road property in November 2016; and by November 2017 we finished the large cement paving project in our yard, and were able to make repairs to some equipment, as well as winterize the facility. Generous member support, grants, and a loan made it all possible. We're doing well--and we have equipment needs that can't be covered by membership dues and the sale of recyclables.

It’s an exciting time at Green Okanogan. New people are coming in each day to recycle and to shop at our GO Again thrift store. In fact, we're having trouble keeping up with the volume of recyclables and getting those off to market. Part of the problem is our antiquated equipment. The old baler, forklift, and truck all need replacing. Having done recent repairs on the baler and forklift, it's time to focus on a new (used) truck.

We currently have a 1999 Ford ¾ ton gas guzzler. Our truck is not up to the job of hauling a 21’ trailer to Wenatchee and Spokane on a regular basis. While doing our own hauling saves us thousands of dollars a year, selling paper products barely pays the gas. Our best option is to invest in a newer, heavier duty, more efficient truck. We're looking to purchase a 1 or 1 ½ ton diesel for under $10,000.

Please contribute to our Equipment Fund today. You made Green Okanogan's GO Recycle and the GO Again thrift shop a reality by helping us purchase the property, and now your continued support will allow us to GO further in serving North Okanogan County.

Donate with a check or money order using this form


Another simple way to help out is the Amazon Smile program where Amazon donates .5% of items purchased to non-profits--like Green Okanogan. It is simple to use. Just add "smile dot" before "amazon dot com" and pick Green Okanogan as your designated charity.

It's exactly the same as shopping regular Amazon (the prices are the same, if you have an account you sign in the same and have all your history there) but Amazon kicks in half-of-one-percent of the bill. Maybe not a fortune, but if you're shopping there anyway, why not have some of A's profits go to GO? Tell your family and friends outside the area, too! send them to

Even easier than remembering to add "smile" to the address--try these browser extension that automatically change any amazon URL you might click to "" There's Smile Redirect for Firefox users and Smile Always extension for Chrome

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