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It's nippy out there-and that's ok.  Green Okanogan's winterizing progress is paying off.  Our insulated staff break room his keeping volunteers warm this winter.  There's coffee and hot water for tea. Better heating and electrical upgrades are keeping the baler running smoothly.  
We need more volunteers to keep the center recycling throughout the winter. Please consider committing to helping out one day (or more) per month.

GO Donate to Our Equipment Fund

Help GO Get A Newer Truck
GO Recycle has been up and running 3 days every week since July 2015; we purchased the 3 Rodeo Road property in November 2016; and by November 2017 we finished the large cement paving project in our yard, and were able to make repairs to some equipment, as well as winterize the facility. Generous member support, grants, and a loan made it all possible. We're doing well--and we have equipment needs that can't be covered by membership dues and the sale of recyclables.

It’s an exciting time at Green Okanogan. New people are coming in each day to recycle and to shop at our GO Again thrift store. In fact, we're having trouble keeping up with the volume of recyclables and getting those off to market. Part of the problem is our antiquated equipment. The old baler, forklift, and truck all need replacing. Having done recent repairs on the baler and forklift, it's time to focus on a new (used) truck.

We currently have a 1999 Ford ¾ ton gas guzzler. Our truck is not up to the job of hauling a 21’ trailer to Wenatchee and Spokane on a regular basis. While doing our own hauling saves us thousands of dollars a year, selling paper products barely pays the gas. Our best option is to invest in a newer, heavier duty, more efficient truck. We're looking to purchase a 1 or 1 ½ ton diesel for under $10,000.

Please contribute to our Equipment Fund today. You made Green Okanogan's GO Recycle and the GO Again thrift shop a reality by helping us purchase the property, and now your continued support will allow us to GO further in serving North Okanogan County.

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Green Okanogan is a 501(c)3 non-profit.  Your donations to GO are tax-deductible.

April 21, 2018 -- Save the Date!
We just had too much fun last year not to do it again!  Mark your calendar to be an admirer of others in Haute Re-Couture—or start gathering your lowly ingredients and put on your trashy thinking cap so YOU can strut the alt catwalk.

  • Trashion fashions must be made from at least 75% already used materials that would otherwise be thrown away or recycled. 
  • Materials include cardboard, steel/tin, recycled fabric or clothing, aluminum, plastics, paper cartons, chipboard, newspaper, mixed papers (magazines, junk mail, and catalogs), paper bags, and glass. 
  • Vintage or used clothing will not be accepted, unless it has been significantly re-purposed and redesigned into something substantially ‘new’.
  • Footwear, jewelry, purses, and other accessories may be used to enhance the overall costume.
  • Trashion Design Teams may have 1 to 4 people.
  • Models will be one or more of a Design Team’s members.
(to be read while models are on stage)
For each outfit, Design Teams will submit
  • the name of the designer(s) and model at the top of the page,  followed by            
  • the materials used in the outfit  (“The vest is made from magazine paper with bottle cap buttons”-- or get specific “from National Geographic magazines “ or “various organic seed catalogs”) 
  • and may also include any noteworthy techniques used  (“braided newspaper strips” or “crocheted plastic grocery bags”)
  • as well as environmental facts, if desired ("Angie’s dress is made of 138 sheets of paper. In the U.S., we throw away 4.5 million tons of office paper each year.")  
  • Credits & Descriptions should not be longer than the time it will take to walk out, model the outfit, and walk back.
Can't wait to see you April 21st, on whichever side of the stage you choose! 

GO Recycle & GO Again
at  3 Rodeo Rd
is just south of Tonasket
off Hwy 97 at Clarkson Mill Road 

For general feedback, input, and inquiries we can be reached at:

Green Okanogan
P.O. Box 604
Tonasket, WA 98855

(509) 486-0674


Thank you for your continued support.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Winter HOURS
Tuesdays noon-4pm
Thursdays 10am-4pm
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